Print Finishing


Our current machinery enables us to collate pages from 2 page documents up to A3 booklets. We can offer an assembly and collating service to compliment any components you have printed.


Folding allows you to convert a flat printed sheet into a pamphlet, tentcard (1 fold), z-fold (2 folds), leaflet and many other applications. Lighter stocks can simply be folded by our folding machine, heavier stocks may require a crease and fold to complete the application correctly.


A strong permanent crease can be put into your finished printed product that allows them to be folded either by a folding machine for heavier stock or manually by hand.

Stitching & Binding Services

We have various binding options from basic stapling to wire binding. Give your prints the respect they deserve by choosing one of our professional document binding options: wire binding, plastic comb binding, wiro binding and metal ring binding.

Guillotining and Drilling

Our advanced machinery enables us to fulfil all your guillotining and drilling requirements. We have a high specification guillotine and can handle high volumes at any one time. Our paper drills have a multi-hole drilling facility for all types of documents including diaries, pads and calendars.


Encapsulation is a process which completely seals printed material between two sheets of plastic film. The film comes in matt or gloss and in different thicknesses. Ideal for some menus or posters, it provides long lasting protection and enhancement to the product.

Shrink Wrapping

Used for enclosing products in flexible film using ā€œLā€ sealers, and shrink tunnels. Used mainly for display purposes and gives a high gloss finish. Ideal also for a security seal.